she wields her professional expertise

My fiancee and I are first-time home buyers, and while I did a fair bit of research for myself in advance, starting the home-buying process for the first time is still a daunting task! Karen has proven to be a patient and very knowledgeable resource for us, helping us not only find homes that were  appropriate to the limits we placed on the search, but also helping us with the other steps along the way (mortgage pre-approval, getting home insurance lined up, etc). She worked well with other area realtors both in searching for homes as well as in the negotiations process once we settled on one we wanted to buy. There were lists of inspectors and contractors that her clients have previously worked with to good results, so we weren’t left blindly searching for assistance in those matters either. She was also very gracious in providing time to meet with us on evenings and weekends when necessary, for which we were very grateful! Even after the closing, Karen has continued to be an irreplaceable advocate, helping us through some mix-ups that have occurred through the fault of our lender (I chose the lender in advance, this was not due to a recommendation of hers). I know that if you’re a new homebuyer, trying to find a realtor you can trust seems difficult, especially if you’re a little paranoid like myself. I unequivocally recommend Karen Feltman as an outstanding realtor to work with; she is a good person who genuinely cares about her clients, and she wields her professional expertise very well.

— Chris Butler